February 9, 2011

Stepping Into the Past Part 1 of ?

A few months back, I took a small interest in finding out about my family tree. I feel that Lawson will want/need this information later in life, to understand his heritage on both sides of his family. I worked on it for a few days, and then kind of lost interest from lack of knowing where to look and how to begin. I had set up a free account at Ancestry's website, but could not follow the links without paying the subscription fee; I was not prepared to do this at the time. So, I let it go...

Fast forward to last Thursday evening. My husband works at Walters State Community College and found out they were doing a performance of "Walk Toward the Sunset" - a play about the Melungeon people of Hancock County, TN. Because his family history traces back to these people, he was anxious to see this performace - so we went! This was what set off the past few days of my life. I have been tracing family history since that night and cannot stop! I have looked at his family and my family, on both sides; the deeper I dig, the more I find.

I am excited about beginning to trace this for Lawson and being able to have paper and online record of everything I find. I want him to understand where his family comes from and I am anxious to find out more about my family, but even more about Charlie's. Charlie's family has such interesting trace and I am excited to see where my research will lead.

I am sure I will post as I find new and interesting details...I hope you will enjoy hearing about my searches as much I am will enjoy sharing my findings!