September 14, 2010


I hardly ever win anything, but I love to enter contests. Well, lately I have won several, but last night takes the cake so far!

I support United Way and am a fan of a local chapter on Facebook. Well, yesterday afternoon they did a contest for concert tickets to see The Band Perry at The Tennessee Valley Fair. So, on a whim, I entered thinking there was no way I would win...WRONG! I did win...then the mess started...

How hard can it be to find someone to go to a FREE concert with you?!? Well, apparently very hard, especially when the concert starts 5 hours after you win the tickets!!! I posted on Facebook that I won and needed someone to go with me...and waited...and waited... I couldn't wait any longer so I started calling/texting people to see if they could one could go. This went on for a while and ended with me bummed out, crying in the shower because I wasn't gonna get to go...yes, I am pathetic, I know!

Finally, the first person I called texted me and said she could go but would have to take her little girl...WOOT!!! So, at 7:00 pm - 1 hour before concert start time - we are loading a 1 year old, a 4 year old, two strollers, and all our junk in my van to head to Knoxville :) We had to drive to the United Way office, where my tickets were taped to the front door, then back to the fair grounds for the we went and I was stoked!

Well, we made it to United Way and then to the fair grounds. We walked into the concert at we are good :) The concert was great and both kids LOVED it. I was so proud of my little man for actually hanging out through the entire concert!

I must say, if you ever get the chance to see The Band Perry, go...they were great!

And, since my little guy was so great during the concert, he of course got to enjoy the fair as well...

September 9, 2010


As I shared in a previous post, my knitting has become an addiction! Well, I have decided to try a business venture with it and would like to introduce you to my new business name...

I started with a different name, but found it was too close to several already in use. So, the search began and it took a lot of time for me to come up with just the right name. But, the name I settled on seems to fit me very well :) The logo was another was created by Tatorbug Creations and I think it is perfect for me! Stephanie is also a saint to put up with my particular ways but she is wonderful to work with ;)

I have an abundance of baby hats and am working on a couple of new projects now...I hope to share them early next week! I have opened up my Etsy Shop and plan to post items in it this weekend. You can also visit my fan page on Facebook - Hip Knits.

Let me know if there is an item you would like and if I don't have it, I will make it. If I have never made it, I will try it! I hope to learn many new projects in the coming weeks and be able to offer a large variety for all ages. 

September 7, 2010


I am a bad, bad blogger...especially when life gets crazy busy! That has been exactly the case the past two weeks...and it isn't slowing down anytime soon! Man, I am ready for a vacation :)

As most of you know, I run a small shop in the heart of downtown Dandridge, TN. I love it and have a lot of "sweat equity" in the place! I decided to have a big sale because I want to order some new items for the shop. So, I have been busy working on sorting and stickering everything in my shop for that it is in full swing and I am kinda settling for a bit.

I am also in the midst of putting the finishing touches on my stepson's wedding, which will take place September 18. I have loved working with Siara to plan this wedding, but I will be so glad when it is over. Shew, it has been some work...but it gonna be beautiful!

I am also trying to get my house organized...this is the biggest job of all, believe it or not! My ADHD kicks in and I just sit and stare. It isn't exactly how I would like it to go, but sometimes it just happens that way. Luckily, my aunt/bff is wonderful and loves me! She came up yesterday and helped me jumpstart my cleaning escapade. We knocked out quite a bit, and I now LOVE how my living room is set up. I have had an amazing canvas picture - that she gave me - sitting in my bedroom floor for 2 years, just waiting for that perfect spot on the wall. Well, as of yesterday, Audrey Hepburn dressed in her "Breakfast at Tiffany's" attire, found her spot...and I must say, she looks gorgeous!

I also sent me husband off to Chicago yesterday morning; he will be there until next Monday. It has been one day and I am ready for him to be home...I do not like it when he is gone :( But, I have a wonderful (soon-to-be) daughter-in-law, who is staying with me this week so I am not alone at night...I love her :)

This was just a quick update, as I have a million other things I have to get done today. But, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I can blog regularly. I hope you are all enjoying the "cooler" weather that seems to be slowly making it's way in...I know I am ready for fall!

All I can say is - HURRY UP OCTOBER 15!!! That is the day I head to Myrtle Beach for a couple of relaxing ready :)