April 6, 2010

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month and, though I do not have a child with autism, I am very close to it. I have a wonderful friend who has a son with Asperger's and I was an aid to a boy with autism a couple of years ago - it was the greatest job ever!

I ask that you would take the time to educate yourself on autism and what it is. Children with autism are often mistaken for "problem children" because people do not understand the diagnosis or do not realize that is what is causing the behavior of a specific child. The children (and parents) are stared at in public, talked about, and sometimes asked to leave because the child is so "unruly."

It hurts my heart to think the children and parents are cast away because the child has an outburst due to an autism diagnosis. Take the time to ask before castin judgement - if you do not understand, ask questions!

My rant is over - just needed to get that out and let everyone know how I feel :)

April 5, 2010

Journey to Health

I am embarking on a journey for not only me, but my family. I have always been a bigger person and, until recently, this hasn't really bothered me. But, I went to the doctor last week and, though I haven't gained but a couple of pounds in the last few years, I am bigger now than I have ever been. I don't like it and it has to change!

I am relatively healthy even though I am overweight. I try to keep a check on my health and make sure everything is what it should be. And, other than the weight, things are overall good.

I have a great friend who decided to do Weight Watchers and started a few weeks back. We have been the same size for a while now but she was very unhappy with her body. Before she had her babies she was a 2/4 and then made it to 18/20 in just a few years - I can see how this would cause a problem for her. So, she made the decision to do WW.

She is my best friend in the world so she calls me to tell me her progress daily. I am so inspired by her that I have decided to follow the same path. I have made the decision to go to Weight Watchers and shed these extra pounds! I wish that we lived closer and could do it together, but that just isn't possible at this time. I have found a friend that I think is going to do it with me and I am thankful for that - I will need someone to keep me motivated and hold me accountable!

My first meeting is Wednesday evening - I am nervous and excited! Please pray for me as I begin this journey and send good vibes my way for success :)