April 5, 2010

Journey to Health

I am embarking on a journey for not only me, but my family. I have always been a bigger person and, until recently, this hasn't really bothered me. But, I went to the doctor last week and, though I haven't gained but a couple of pounds in the last few years, I am bigger now than I have ever been. I don't like it and it has to change!

I am relatively healthy even though I am overweight. I try to keep a check on my health and make sure everything is what it should be. And, other than the weight, things are overall good.

I have a great friend who decided to do Weight Watchers and started a few weeks back. We have been the same size for a while now but she was very unhappy with her body. Before she had her babies she was a 2/4 and then made it to 18/20 in just a few years - I can see how this would cause a problem for her. So, she made the decision to do WW.

She is my best friend in the world so she calls me to tell me her progress daily. I am so inspired by her that I have decided to follow the same path. I have made the decision to go to Weight Watchers and shed these extra pounds! I wish that we lived closer and could do it together, but that just isn't possible at this time. I have found a friend that I think is going to do it with me and I am thankful for that - I will need someone to keep me motivated and hold me accountable!

My first meeting is Wednesday evening - I am nervous and excited! Please pray for me as I begin this journey and send good vibes my way for success :)

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