I started this blog to document a specific road I decided to take with my life. Instead, I ended up using it as an outlet for life - just to get things out and off my mind. I wasn't sure if I would become a "great" blogger or if I would just let my site sit for months at a time. To my enjoyment and surprise, I am pretty good about keeping up with it.

I have found that sometimes just sitting down and writing relieves the stress of whatever situation I may be facing. Not all of them I can blog about, so sometimes I have to get out the old pen and paper :) But, either way, it gets it out of my system so I can give it to God and trust He will take care of it and me!

I hope you find my ramblings enjoyable - sometimes humorous - sometimes uplifting. But remember, though I love for people to read my blog, I don't write for you...I write for me and hope you enjoy it!