September 14, 2010


I hardly ever win anything, but I love to enter contests. Well, lately I have won several, but last night takes the cake so far!

I support United Way and am a fan of a local chapter on Facebook. Well, yesterday afternoon they did a contest for concert tickets to see The Band Perry at The Tennessee Valley Fair. So, on a whim, I entered thinking there was no way I would win...WRONG! I did win...then the mess started...

How hard can it be to find someone to go to a FREE concert with you?!? Well, apparently very hard, especially when the concert starts 5 hours after you win the tickets!!! I posted on Facebook that I won and needed someone to go with me...and waited...and waited... I couldn't wait any longer so I started calling/texting people to see if they could one could go. This went on for a while and ended with me bummed out, crying in the shower because I wasn't gonna get to go...yes, I am pathetic, I know!

Finally, the first person I called texted me and said she could go but would have to take her little girl...WOOT!!! So, at 7:00 pm - 1 hour before concert start time - we are loading a 1 year old, a 4 year old, two strollers, and all our junk in my van to head to Knoxville :) We had to drive to the United Way office, where my tickets were taped to the front door, then back to the fair grounds for the we went and I was stoked!

Well, we made it to United Way and then to the fair grounds. We walked into the concert at we are good :) The concert was great and both kids LOVED it. I was so proud of my little man for actually hanging out through the entire concert!

I must say, if you ever get the chance to see The Band Perry, go...they were great!

And, since my little guy was so great during the concert, he of course got to enjoy the fair as well...

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