August 8, 2009

Addition to the Family

Charlie and I found out about two weeks ago we are Grandparents! Wiley, my oldest stepson, came home one night and told us about the baby. He found out about her when she was two months old and there was a paternity test done before he told us about her.

So, I would like to introduce, Kayla:

We are very proud of Wiley because he has stepped up to the plate and truly wants to be a Daddy to this baby girl. We know she is a gift from God, as all babies are, and are very excited to have her as part of our family.

Please keep Wiley and Lauren (the Mom) in your prayers as they continue to decide on Kayla's care. They are not a couple but both want what is best for her and want to take care of her.

I also ask you keep Charlie and me in your prayers as we try to help Wiley make the best decisions he can for his baby girl.

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