August 24, 2009


My intention when beginning this blog was for this to be a place for me to blog about Jesus and what he is doing in my life. It was going to be about learning and exploring His teachings and how that is helping me to deal with daily life.

As I look back on the blogs I have so far, some of them are just that; they are me exploring the word of Jesus and giving my explanation of it. Some of my blogs turn out to be about daily life and events going on in my family. But, does that really stray from my first intention?

I have grown a lot in my faith and love for Jesus over the past few years. I feel like he is leading me into something great, but leading me by baby steps. The way I look at life, and how things happen, is completely different than the way I would have looked at the same situation several years ago. So, my answer to the previous question is...YES!

Although all of my posts are not about a specific scripture or passage, I feel they all relate back to the scripture in how I deal with them. Each thing that happens in life is something we have to deal with. We can deal with it in a Christian manner that is pleasing to God or we can choose to take an opposite path.

So, as you read about my daily life happenings remember that everything in life happens for a reason. The way we deal with them shows our true faith in God!

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