July 22, 2010


Last week I worked on my blog for hours to get it just like I wanted it. I found the perfect background, the coordinating banner, and customized my fonts/colors so it would all be the same. I think it looks great and it is just what I wanted!

Today, I click to look at my blog and make sure my latest change is there. Once my site loads, there is a note in the top corner from "The Cutest Blog on the Block" - where my background and banner came from - saying my background will disappear from my blog on Friday, July 23 and to click on their banner for an explanation. It also says if I don't get through the first time to keep clicking because of the high volume of users. So...I click. The site takes *forever* to load and then comes up saying it is down for maintenance and should be up in the next 2 hours...really?!?

Normally I love their website but now I am doubly irritated...my blog that I worked so hard on will disappear tomorrow and I can't find out why!!!! Grrrr....


Ok...I was finally able to see on their site what is happening and have everything fixed! Photobucket is shutting down their account and they have moved everything to their own server...thank goodness! I was able to change part of the background code and now I won't lose it :) Man...I was about to panic!!!

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