January 12, 2010

Happy New Year...two weeks later!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ok, so I am late...sorry! The last couple of months have been great and crazy busy! From Thanksgiving to New Year's Day I barely have time to sleep so I definitely don't have time to blog!

Christmas at our house was wonderful! It always is and even more now that Lawson is getting to an age to really enjoy the day. Christmas Eve night is the beginning of our celebration. We always go to church at Grant's Chapel UMC - my church since I was a child - and Lawson now participates in the program. Seeing the children tell us the story of Jesus' birth is always such a blessing.

I can never sleep on Christmas Eve now because I am always so excited for Lawson to wake up and find what Santa has brought for him. This year he asked Santa for a Polar Express and, even though I didn't think it would happen, Santa came through (thanks to Wal-Mart and Lionel Trains) :) Seeing his face light up when he saw the train sitting in the living room was wonderful...that feeling is indescribable. He also received a Leapster2 and many other gifts that he is very much enjoying.

While we do teach Lawson the true meaning of Christmas, we also allow him to enjoy the gift part of the day. He very much enjoys receiving gifts, but we are teaching him how important it is to give as well. He loves to "shop" for his family and get them special gifts so we use this as an opportunity to teach him why we give gifts.

Christmas Day is always jammed packed but it is such a wonderful feeling to know you have that much family. I love that we begin our Christmas Day at 7 am and don't end until around 12 pm...and the whole day is a giant blessing!

While life is beginning to settle, I am now planning Lawson's 4th birthday party. It seems like no time between Christmas and his birthday.

I hope you were truly blessed this past Christmas season and that you remember throughout the year the wonderful gift God gave us all so long ago!

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas events...I hope yours was just as wonderful!

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