February 22, 2010

Prayers Please

It has been a busy weekend and also a very mentally tiring one. I know this will be a long blog and if you make it to the end, God bless you! I am mainly writing this for me as a way to get everything out but really appreciate your time to read it and say a prayer for me.

Friday morning Charlie left for local pastor's school at Buffalo Mt. in Johnson City. I always hate when he goes away for the weekend because I know I won't be able to sleep without him home. But, it is something he is passionate about and has to do, so I digress.

Friday afternoon was the beginning of my emotional turmoil. Because I was hosting a Pampered Chef show that evening, my plan was to leave work at 2 to go home and get the house cleaned up. Plans change...my sister, who is 20 weeks pregnant, called to say she was at Jeff Memorial but needed to go to Morristown Hamblen. She has had severe morning sickness since the beginning of her pregnancy and has been hospitalized once before because of this. I, of course, dropped everything and went to get her. I called her doctor and took her straight to their office where they made the decision to admit her due to severe dehydration and hyperemesis. So, I was at the hospital with her until 3:45 pm while they admitted her and got all the paperwork filled out.

I went straight from MHHS to Food City in Dandridge with the hopes of getting everything done I needed to before people started showing up at my house! I shopped, went to pick up Lawson, and made it home by shortly after 5:00 - people will be showing up in 45 minutes or less! Thank God for wonderful friends, Monika, who are willing to help you out in a tough situation. By the time I finally made it home, I was so frustrated and out of sorts I didn't know which way to turn. But, with some great help, everything was cleaned up and the party was a success!

Saturday morning started a whole new day of issues. I was originally scheduled to help a friend with her vow renewal that day but she told me a few weeks back she had everything under control and would not need my help. I still planned to go to the ceremony but had decided Friday evening that there really wasn't a way to swing it. Lawson would have to be taken care of and he was having a clingy weekend. So, I called her that morning to let her know I would not be there but my Dad was still planning to come play (piano) for the ceremony. Then came the "guilt" trip in her voice - I am a sucker and cannot stand for someone to be upset so, I told her I would do everything I could to be there...and I did! We left at 2:15 with the expectation we would arrive in Gatlinburg around 3:00 - 3:15. But, as we got to the beginning of the spur into G'burg traffic was stopped...completely! I frantically called Misty (the bride) so she could bring me in the back way. We arrived at the church at 3:45...wow what a trip. The ceremony was beautiful and I am glad I was able to attend.

As soon as the ceremony was over we headed back to Dandridge. Dad had a meeting and I was supposed to be at Monika's Premier Jewelry Kick-off Show that had began at 4:00. She helped me so much Friday night I could not have blown her off. I finally arrived at her house around 5:30 and am glad for it; it was a blast! I will be having my kick-off show March 19 (remember this date) and am very excited about it!

By Sunday morning I was done. I should have gone to church but I just needed some down time. Lawson and I woke up late but we both needed the extra rest anyway. We got up and laid around for a while then Wiley, Siara, Lawson and I went to the Flea Market; it was a great afternoon of no specific plans. Charlie called around 2:00 to let me know he was on the way home and we were going on a date...yay :)

So, Sunday evening was wonderful. Charlie got home and took me to Sevierville to Red Lobster. It was so nice to just get away from the world and spend some time with my hubby. I love him more everyday and sometimes I just need him to focus on us. We had a great time talking at dinner and then a fun trip to Wal-Mart (haha). Siara and Wiley kept Lawson so it was nice to just be the two of us. I thought everything was calming down at this point and Monday would bring a new, better, week.

This morning started out as normal. Lawson seemed to be in a good mood and had plenty of sleep. I took him to daycare and then came on to Jefferson City to run errands before opening the store. About 10:30 I got a phone call from daycare saying I needed to come pick up Lawson; he had gotten angry, smacked one of his classmates and left scratches on the other child's back. The beginning of another frustrating day.

I then called the insurance to have them authorize the therapist we have been referred to for his behavior problems. Unfortunately, he is not in our network so we had to be referred to someone else. It worked out though because the new therapist is in Jefferson City instead of Knoxville; it will be a lot easier to schedule his appointments so close to home. After cancelling the appointment I had today, I found out from that doctor that he is in fact a part of our insurance plan. But, I decided to keep the appointment with the local guy because they have authorized the sessions and I can see him also.

I have decided to see the therapist myself and I am glad I can see the same person as Lawson. I think this will help us both as he will know what is going on with us together and separately.

If you have made it this far...thank you! As I said before, most of this was just for me to have an outlet and get all of this off of me. Please be in prayer for me and Lawson as we begin therapy. I know God is taking care of us both and He will lead us to the right person to help us.

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