February 19, 2010

Religion...can't we all just get along?!?

As I was listening to the radio this morning I heard an interesting interview with author Mitch Albom. They were talking about his new book Have a Little Faith and why he wrote it; it was a very interesting story to hear.

In part of his interview he was talking about the many different religions out there today and some of the stereotypes that come along with following a certain religion. People hear Muslim and automatically assume "terrorist." They hear Christian and think "Bible beater." But, what is our main goal in our religion? Is it to love God or a god, to do good for others, to respect nature, to get to heaven or a better place?

Who is right? Are we all right? The problem today is people have no respect for others, especially if they do not share the same religious views. If I believe one thing and my neighbor something else, then we both believe the other is wrong and automatically some turmoil ensues. But, are we both wrong or right? Is there truly an answer out there?

Do we have to agree with everyone else's beliefs to be friends? Absolutely not! But, we do have to respect their beliefs in order for a friendship to work. Just because someone does not believe in God or heaven does not mean that are not a truly good person. Being a Christian, I believe we are put in people's lives because God wants us there to share Him with them. Maybe they feel the same way about the friendship - they have been placed there for a reason, but definitely not the same reason; maybe traits of each will rub off on the other and make both a better person.

It isn't about who is wrong or right - it is about respect for each other! So, when you meet someone new and find out they don't necessarily believe exactly what you believe - don't walk away. Talk to them and find out more about them than just their religion.

If we all believed the same things, life would be pretty dull!

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