February 18, 2010

Lawson's Appointment

Yesterday was Lawson's appointment with, what I thought, was a therapist. Come to find out, the woman we saw is actually a nurse practitioner with 30+ years experience with children. She specializes in behavioral disorders and has had her own practice for several years now. This was comforting but I was still a little skeptical when I met her.

After beginning to talk with her, I felt more at ease about being there. She was really easy to talk to and gave me some great advice on working with Lawson. She doesn't want to diagnose him with ADHD at this point, but said if she had to right now she would say he probably is; she said is overactive for a child his age. She refered us to a therapist who can begin some behavioral therapy at this point and I think this is a good start. I was glad she did not immediately want to put him on medication; I think the therapy will be good for both of us at this point.

I am still trying to find a therapist for myself as well. I still feel like I am not controlling my temper and frustration well and I need to work on it. As I have said before, I cannot help Lawson if I don't help myself first!

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