March 3, 2010

Meeting the Therapist

Yesterday was the day for my little guy...we met Dr. Munson who will be Lawson's therapist (and mine). I am very pleased with how our first visit went and I feel this is definitely a step in the right direction for us. Dr. Munson was super nice and he had a great temperament with Lawson. While we talked he was able to see first hand how Lawson jumps from one activity to another so quickly. He got a history on the family, to establish a pattern of behavior, and Lawson was all over the place the entire time we talked. While I would have normally tried to calm him, I wanted the doctor to see exactly what he is like.

Dr. Munson feels that some therapy will be the right way to begin with Lawson, and I am satisfied to begin there. I was glad to hear he did not immediately want to put him on medicine but try this alternative approach and see if it helps.

I see Dr. Munson for myself this afternoon and I think I am more nervous for me than I was for! Please keep praying for me and Lawson. He is such a smart little guy and I want what every mother wants - for him to succeed!

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