March 4, 2010

The little things...

With life being so busy, sometimes I feel like I don't have that "perfect" connection with Charlie anymore. We seem to see each other in passing lately and I miss out on things that used to happen when we had more time...things like the conversations about nothing in particular, or just stopping to say "I love you." Don't get me wrong, we still talk and we always say "I love you" but it is always in passing or in the midst of something else going on.

This morning, a friend of mine posted a video on Facebook and it brought back a particular memory. I want to share this video with you and then the memory it brought to me. (Sorry, couldn't figure out how to embed it to the post :/)

YouTube Video

One morning we were heading somewhere and we stopped to grab some breakfast on the way. I noticed when we pulled out of the drive through that he opened a straw and started to put it in his drink...then he stopped and put it in mine instead. For some reason this made me think about little things...little things that SO's do to let you know they love you. Sometimes it isn't flowers, candy, cards, or's the little things like putting a straw in your drink first!

This video is such a reminder of things we don't think about. What if one day you woke up and your spouse wasn't there? What if you didn't hear a particular sound your spouse makes that defines them to you?

I have not thought about this in a while, but I am challenging myself to remember the little things from now on. I am going to remember he loves me when he takes out the trash or does the dishes. I am going to cherish the sounds I hear from him - yes, even the "ugly" sounds! Marriage is about a partnership and sometimes the little things mean more than anyone could ever imagine!

So, next time you are having a hard day with your spouse ask yourself, "What are some of the little things he/she does to show me they love me?"

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