March 17, 2010

Still Working

This morning I met with Lawson's therapist so we can start a behavior plan and charts. In a way the session was helpful, but in a way he didn't tell me anything I didn't already know to do. I did come out with a few suggestions that we are going to immediately put in place though.

Lawson must have clear boundaries - I knew this already. When teaching a child the proper behavior, they have to know exactly what to is expected of them - no gray area at all! Lawson is no different from any other child, but in some ways he must have a firmer grasp on this than a normal child; he must know, down to the last detail, what he is to do. And - he must be rewarded for doing it.

So, we will begin working on this now and hopefully next week the charts will come together :) I have an amazing little guy and all I want is what is best for him!!!

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