June 15, 2009

Very fitting verse of the day...

On my Facebook page I have the verse of the day. Today's verse comes from Proverbs 23:12 and says, "Apply your heart to instruction, and your ears to words of knowledge."

How very fitting this verse is in relation to my challenge from yesterday. I have challenged myself to help others around me without expecting anything but hoping for a blessing. I feel this verse was sent to me straight from God; He is telling me to open my heart and my ears and He will give me what I need.

The Hebrew word for instruction can be translated as "discipline." In order to really listen to what God is telling us, we must discipline ourselves to hear Him speaking. We have to apply ourselves to anything we do and serving God, and others, is no different. We have to open our heart in order to see, and feel, what the person needs without them having to tell us.

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