July 1, 2009

Catching Up

It has been a while since I have been able to sit down and write a post. Our lives have been pretty crazy in the past couple of weeks. I had my first wedding for my business on June 20 and it was great but I spent most of the week before doing nothing but getting ready for it. June 20 was also my bday but we decided to put that off until Sunday when I wasn't so busy. June 21 was Father's Day so we went to church and then had lunch with the family. The afternoon was spent lounging around and then back to church that night.

June 22 started Vacation Bible School at Grant's and even though we would be moving the following Sunday I had already committed to being the music director for the week. So, each night that week we went to "Camp E.D.G.E." to learn about God and His love for us and how we can show Him to others. It was a great blessing, as it always is, to work with the kids and see them praising God in song. They love to sing and are always ready to jump into any kind of music we can teach them. Saturday night was the commencement program and all of the classes did a great job with their readings and songs.

June 21 was bittersweet for Charlie and me at Grant's Chapel; it was our last Sunday there for at least a year. Charlie has been called into the ministry and this past Sunday, June 28, was our first Sunday in the Del Rio Circuit (Cocke Co.). I was very apprehensive about going because I have never been away from Grant's Chapel. When we first found out I was excited because I know this is what Charlie wants to do; I went through cycles of excited, scared, nervous, sad, apprehensive, and then back to excited. We had a great first Sunday there and everyone we met was very warm and welcoming to our family. It will be an adjustment but I know that God has a plan for us and that is where we are supposed to be now.

Last night was the district pastor's picnic where Charlie, Lawson, and I were officially introduced to the other clergy members. It was a wonderful evening of fellowship and meeting new people. This new chapter in our lives will definitely be an adjustment but it is going to be a blessing for sure. I met several other pastor's wives last night and I know that if I ever need anything all I have to do is call any of them and they will be there for me. It is nice to know that when you become part of the clergy you are not just taking on another job but you are entering a family!

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