February 1, 2010

Our Snowy Weekend

What a great weekend it was at the Williams' house! I love when we have a weekend together and absolutely no plans. We did nothing all weekend...it was wonderful :)

Siara, my stepson Wiley's girlfriend, and I went Friday evening for her to try on wedding dresses. The plans, as of right now, are for them to be married on 5-21-2011. She went with the intention of trying on dresses but definitely found "the one" that night! The dress is beautiful and it will look amazing on her!

It had began snowing before we got to the dress shop so when that was finished we decided to go on to the house. When we got there we figured we would be there for the weekend since the weather was supposed to get worse as the weekend progressed. We spent the evening watching "How It's Made" and just hanging out together. The entire weekend was like this! We played video games, watched movies, watched tv, and ate - the whole weekend!

Sometimes you lose sight of how important family really is and then a weekend like this comes along to remind you. I love my family and I enjoy all the time I get to spend with them but sometimes I forget how much they really mean. Just being together, eating, laughing, and watching Lawson play was a great reminder of God's gifts to me. He has blessed me and my family with so much that sometimes I don't understand why I deserve it - I don't think I do. But, God is an amazing God and he knows just what we need, when we need it!

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