August 4, 2010

I think I moved...

...and someone forgot to tell me! It is H-O-T! I live in Tennessee where the weather is usually average and life is good with the A/C on 74...notice I said usually :) This is NOT normal!!!

The past few weeks have been sweltering and this week "takes the cake", so to speak. At 11:30 am this morning, it was 94 degrees outside...94!!! That is what it would normally be on a hot day at the very hottest point in the day :/ But, with the heat index included, we have hit up to 105 this week; today we could make it to 108...geez!

At this point, it is too hot to even go to the pool/lake and try to cool off. Lawson has been begging me to go to the splash pad lately and I hate telling him no, but it is too hot for him or me to be out.

I must say this weather is not great for the business either. Because I am right in a historic district where shop access is from the street, people are just not out. I pray the weather will give us relief soon and people can enjoy some time outdoors before the cold weather decides to grace us with its presence :)


Elisheva said...

Oh, How much I agree with you there!! I live in Tennessee, also and It has been misserable here this year... I hate even going outside till it gets late, then it is still humid. I have to say that the air conditioning has spoiled me and been a life saver too!

Sharina said...

I know a lot of people are going through a heat wave. I live in Chicago and when the heat is mixed with humidity, its just plain miserable.

Following you from MBC, hope you come by and visit me soon :)