August 11, 2010

Makin' Memories

Yesterday was such a great day and a wonderful blessing! I have a great friend who is a wonderful wife and mother. Like everyone else, they have been having a hard time lately. She has two awesome kids and wants nothing more than to make them happy. I decided she and the kids needed a day trip.

I had tickets to Dollywood, a local theme park, and decided we should go. It was awesome to be able to take her and do this for her and the kids. They had never been and she hadn't been in many years...we had a BLAST!

Sometimes you don't realize what something means to a person. As we were leaving the park, Steph told me "thank you" for about the 1 millionth time...but this time it was different. She told me thank you because I helped her make memories with her kids, something that is priceless but she could not have afforded to do herself. While I did not do this for the "thank you", it was nice to hear. It hurt my heart a little to know how appreciative she was but that she couldn't do it without someone's help.

While memories are made with your children every day, it is something special to be able to share with them memories from your own childhood. I know Steph was so grateful for this opportunity and will cherish these memories for a lifetime.

My prayer is that all families have the opportunity to make the memories they want. I pray that people who have the resources to help others will do so, whatever that may be. I also pray the people helping will do it, not for the "thank you" or the recognition, but for the knowledge that they were able to help someone who wasn't able to do it themselves!


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How nice of you....and now you have memories too...memories of helping a friend and spending quality time with a friend.

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